2020 Calf Theme: 

Norse Gods & Goddesses!

2020 cALF nAMES


Each year, we choose a theme to name our newest generation of calves arriving in spring. Many of you are already familiar with last year's calves, the Cheeses - named Gouda & Muenster! With new babies arriving soon, the time has come to make a decision on what they will be named after.

Help us decide what the final theme will be - VOTE TODAY! Each dollar you donate towards our nonprofit will get counted as a vote towards your favorite theme!

You can help the new moms & babies stay healthy and strong, while getting the chance to participate in this VERY important decision. (seriously - the office discussions on yearly themes can get...interesting)

Voting will run from April 1st - April 15th, when the final theme is announced, and then we just have to wait for those cute little fluffs to arrive so we can name them!

     PASTA - linguini, rigatoni, penne, the pastabilities are endless!

🧬INFLUENTIAL MEDICAL RESEARCHERS - paying homage to those who have discovered major medical breakthroughs in human history.

🥕VEGETABLES - a tiny potato, little rutabaga, baby turnip?

💙WORDS of HOPE - representing solace and positivity in uncertain times

⚡️NORSE GODS & GODDESSES - um...Loki, Thor, Freyja? It's like musk oxen were made for such names!

YOU VOTED and the final list of theme choices for the 2020 calves is......

Voting has Ended

Thank you for your amazing support!

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