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Friends of the Musk Ox membership

Can't get enough of these amazing animals? Love to learn more about these fluffy friends? Want to help support the care of the critters? Sounds like you are a GREAT fit for FOMO!


Choose a musk ox friend below (updates with more available adoptees coming soon!). Or you can start by choosing a membership level.

Current or previous FOMO Member? Welcome back! Click on a membership level card below to read about and renew your membership and musk ox adoption.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


Support through our Friends of the Musk Ox (FOMO) membership program provides a critical link in the financial needs of our non-profit organization. Our gentle approach to animal husbandry requires animal contact and handling far beyond mainstream agriculture. Visitors to the farm bring in a large percentage of operating revenue, but that income alone does not meet every need. Our other significant source of funding comes from our Friends of the Musk Ox program. Friends of the Musk Ox memberships help bridge the income-expense gap for the farm. The remainder comes from events, corporate contributions, and grants. Support from our members is vital to the future of the project. Thank you again!

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