The Musk Ox Farm • Visit: 12850 E. Archie Rd. Palmer, Alaska 99645 • Mail: PO Box 587, Palmer, Alaska 99645


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**Use coupon code: FOMOS at checkout for $10.00 off (This will cover the shipping charge.)**


Your support provides a critical link in the financial needs of the non-profit.  Our gentle approach to animal husbandry requires animal contact and handling far beyond mainstream agriculture. Visitors to the farm provide the lion's share of operating income, this alone is not enough.


The other significant source of funding is you, our members. Friends of the Musk Ox memberships help bridge the income/expense gap for the farm. The remainder comes from events, corporate contribution and grants. Without the support of our members, the future of the project would be at risk. 

When our FOMO members hang photos on their fridge, post them in their offices, and share our newsletters with family and friends they help to spread the word about who we are and what we do. We count on our members to maintain and build awareness of the project and help propel us forward doing the best work we can.


Choose your favorite animal on the farm, or let us choose one for you.  You will receive a photograph of your Musk Ox, an animal bio, an adoption certificate, a one-day family pass to visit your new friend or a season pass for one, and the Friends of the Musk Ox Newsletter.


Thank you for your support of the Musk Ox Farm!

Welcome to the herd!



Musk Ox Farm Team


**Use coupon code: FOMOS at checkout for $10.00 off (This will cover the shipping charge.)**

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