Our Bullpen blend is a qiviut "B" drop mill end (80%) and wool (20%) blend.  This sport weight skein of yarn is approximately 140 yards and 1.8 ounces.  Mill-end yarn is not as soft as 100% qiviut but it is rich in texture, durable, and will retain its shape and still keep you very warm.  This yarn would make great mittens or the outer layer of a hat or headband. 


Natural is a dark grey/brown color.

Each hand painted skein was dyed in Alaska.  Color will vary and may be different than what appears on the screen.  


Wild Iris: blues and purples

Arctic Autumn: reds and browns and some blue

Rainbow Trout: browns, blues, and greens

Aleution Blue: blues


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Bullpen Blend Yarn


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