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These incredibly warm head bands are a two-layer go-to garment with 100% gently hand-combed qiviut on the inside and a hand-dyed Bullpen blend qiviut "B" drop mill ends 80/20 qiviut/wool blend on the outside. These two layers help keep cold and wind off your head and ears in the most stylish way. 

Each headband is a slightly different color variation as the yarn was hand painted in Alaska.  All headbands are about the same size and will fit head diameters between about 18''-22''. Do not hesitate to call with any questions: (907)745-4151.  



Wild Iris: blues and purples

Arctic Autumn: reds and browns with a hint of navy blue

McKinley Summer: varing shades of green from lime to dark green

Qiviut and Wool Head Band

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