100% gently hand-combed farm qiviut. Our yarn is a lace weight 2-ply. Yarn is spun and dyed at a small craft mill in Alaska!  Due to the craft spun nature of the skeins color, yardage, and spin does vary slightly on each skein and between skeins.  

Each 1 ounce skein is approximately 195 yards and is $95.00


Sometimes yarn comes back from the mill in skeins under or over an ounce.  These make the perfect weight to finish off a project or add a little bit of qiviut to your project, or tackle that larger project. 


Yarns are from different dye lots, if you are looking for a certain dye lot or want to make sure a one ounce or above skein matches the color you are purchasing please call 907-7450-4151.




Highbush Blue color yarn is now the April 2020 batch.  This WILL NOT match any other Musk Ox Farm Higbush Blue 100% qiviut yarn.  If you need blue to finish off a project you have already started please call the farm at (907)745-4151, we have a limited number of the Nov19 batch of blue yarn left. 


Purple lupin and Purple lupin April 2020 are from two different color runs.  THEY WILL NOT MATCH. 


Autumn Tundra Red in 1 oz is a different batch than the 1.2 oz Red.  Becuase of this the 1.2 oz skeins and 1 oz skeins WILL NOT match.  

100% Qiviut Yarn over or under 1 oz


    The Musk Ox Farm  |  Visit : 12850 E Archie Road • Palmer, Alaska 99645

    Mail : P.O. Box 587 • Palmer, AK 99645

    (907) 745-4151

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