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Osprey! Our 6 year old cow. 



Not only are our musk oxen cute, unique, and produce beautiful qiviut, they are also creative! These abstract, original works of are snoot- and hoof-made by members of our herd.  They are definitely not starving artists. There were lots of extra treats for motivation to explore their creative side. These one-of-a-kind paintings are fun for the musk ox and help support their care.



Creating unique pieces of art is a form of enrichment.  Enrichment gives animals mental and physical stimulation and gives them more opportunities to practice natural behaviors in a safe and positive way.



Painting done by our musk oxen involves a canvas or paper placed inside a waterproof bag with different colors of nontoxic paint.  We then put feed on top of the bag.  This gives the musk ox new textures to interact with. It also provides a new smell, sound, and environment where they receive their treats. Each musk ox interacts with their enrichment differently: some push it aside and some paw at the new item in their world.  



Unframed 8" x 10" art paper.  Also included are a photo and bio of your musk ox artist. Colors may vary due to differences in screen monitors

Art by Osprey