Hand Knitted by Musk Ox Creations

Each hat is a unique blend of qiviut and other fibers.  Below you can read about what makes up each hat. 


A note from Ruth:

I started knitting and crafting at the age of seven in my home country of Switzerland.  In 1988, after backpacking around the world, I was fascinated by the sled dogs and settled in Alaska. I'm considered a "sourdough".  My passion with qiviut began in 2004 and to this day it is my favourite fiber to craft with. My hobbies are camping and exploring Alaska's backcountry with my spouse, two dogs, and two horses. 


*Each hat is hand knit in Palmer and is UNIQUE* 

Hat Code on the photo will match the information below. 

H-50: "The Qiviut Fuzzy" in natural with pink fuzz (Small/Medium) 100% qiviut with silk fuzz

H-35: "The Reversible" pink/purple (Small/Medium) 50% qiviut 50% Merino wool

H-44: "Trellis Lace" raspberry/cream (Medium/Large) 50% qiviut 50% Merino wool

H-65: "The Reversible" pink/natural 50% qiviut 50% Merino wool

H-52: "Orange Sun Set- Feather Light" (Small) 45% qiviut 45% Merino wool 10% silk

H-39: Orange with Natural Musk Ox Defense Circle with strings (Medium)

H-55: "Northern Lights and Cognac Fuzz" (Small/Medium) 73% qiviut 22% Merino wool 5% silk

H-51: "The Qiviut Fuzzy" in natural with cream fuz (Small) 100% qiviut with silk fuz

Musk Ox Creations Hats


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