Knitted by Musk Ox Creations/Ruth, this headband is sold exclusively at the Musk Ox Farm!


It is hand knitted ona 20'' circular needle.  Them musk ox are 100% qiviut yarn on a base of fine wool or a qiviut/fine wool blend. The pattern is Ruth's own design, inspired by the usk ox themselves as they build a circle when threatned to fend off predators.  You shall be well protected when wearing this garment. 


A note from Ruth:

I started knitting and crafting at the age of seven in my home country of Switzerland.  In 1988, after backpacking around the world, I was fascinated by the sled dogs and settled in Alaska. I'm considered a "sourdough".  My passion with qiviut began in 2004 and to this day it is my favourite fiber to craft with. My hobbies are camping and exploring Alaska's backcountry with my spouse, two dogs, and two horses. 


Headbands are all unique and ONE OF A KIND.  Each has an adjustable elastic band in the trim.  If you have any sizing questions please call us at 907-745-4151.


HB-122: Qiviut Paws (Small) 45% qiviut 55% Merino wool

HB-133: Pink with red "Ox Ox Ox" (Medium/Large) 25% qiviut 75% Merino wool

HB-211: Black with Natrual "Ox Ox Horns" (Small) Horns 100% qiviut and Base Merino wool

HB-212: Black Musk Ox Defense Circle (Medium/Large) 100% qiviut and Base qiviut/fine wool blend

HB-216: White Musk Ox Defense Circle (Small) 100% qiviut and Base fine wool 

HB-218: Light purple Musk Ox Defense Circle (Medium) 100% qiviut

HB-220: Cherry red Musk Ox Defense Circle (Medium/Large) 100% qiviut

HB-217: Dark purple Musk Ox Defense Circle (Small) 100% qiviut
HB-222: Green Musk Ox Defense Circle (Medium/Large) 100% qiviut

HB-219: Brick red Muxk Ox Defense Circle (Medium) 100% qiviut

HB-221: Blue Musk Ox Defense Circle (Medium) 100% qiviut

Musk Ox Herd Headband

PriceFrom $175.00

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