Made from 100% gently hand combed farm qiviut.   Yarn was spun at Coyote Trail Farm and Fibermill located in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Snug Nachaq are still made out of 1 ounce of gently hand combed qiviut from the farm but will sit a little tighter to your neck!  If you love nachaq's but want something a bit less lacy these are for you!



Solid: These patterns vary slighty and can be worn with an visable pattern on the outside or inside out with a very plain pattern. Approximatly 14'' long by 9'' wide.  The models are wearing this nachaq.

Lace: Lace patterns vary.  The lace patterns are a "knitter's choice one off design, and will likely be different than what appears in the photos.  Sometimes you just can't knit the same pattern twice! Approximatly 13'' long by 8'' wide. 

Leaves: approximately 13'' long by 8.5'' wide)

Musk Ox body: approximatly 12.5'' long by 8.5'' wide. 


Custom orders are welcome! Call us at (907) 745-4151


** Garment pattern maybe different than what appears in the photo.  Our knitters do not hold themselves to any one one set of patterns.  Please send us a message with your order if you have any preference in style or give us a call at (907)745-4151 and we can work with you to find the perfect one!

*All garments are handmade, during our summer months its hard to keep up with inventory and orders may take 2-6 weeks to be delivered. Please call if you have any questions*

Snug 100% Qiviut Nachaq


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