HELP US NAME THE CALVES!! You read that right,  we're reaching out to all of you fine musk ox fans to help us choose our next calf naming theme! 


Each year, we choose a theme to name our newest generation of baby floofs. Many of you have become very familiar with the Cheeses! With new babies arriving soon, the time has come to make a decision on what they will be named after. The list so far? —>


FAMOUS NATURALISTS - a baby Aldo Leopold?!

VEGETABLES - can you even imagine a baby Tater?

PASTA - umm, a little Linguini, anyone?!


As much as we love all of these, we feel like we need a few more themes to round it out. That's where YOU come in! You have ONE WEEK to tell us your best theme ideas for a chance to get it added to the list of possibilities. Once the final list has been compiled, you'll all have the chance to cast your vote for the official 2020 Calf Naming Theme!

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