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DUE to COVID-19, our volunteer program is on hold at this time. If you are interested in volunteering in the future, we'd love to have you! Please keep checking back, as we hope to have volunteer opportunities available again when we have them, and it is safer to do so. Thank you for your interest and support!

Join the Volunteer Herd

Volunteers are an integral part of the farm!

Review Website

Review information on the Volunteer page.  Please make sure you understand the volunteer program and time requirements.

Volunteer Application

Fill out the volunteer application online and submit  to or mail to PO Box 587 Palmer, AK 99645.

Review Process

We will contact you if your application passes review.  Submitting an application does not guarantee admittance into the volunteer program.

Volunteer Orientation

If accepted into the program you will be required to attend a volunteer orientation and put in 20 hrs of volunteering in areas of greatest need on the farm.

How to get started


  • ​Individual volunteer opportunities are available for ages 16 and olderNo parental supervision is required, however parents must support and sign off on a minor liability waiver.

  • Have a group that wants to volunteer? (including those under 16) click here.​

  • New volunteers are required to complete 20 hours of volunteering in areas of greatest need on the farm before being considered a permanent volunteer.  Hours will include a mandatory volunteer orientation, shadowing tours, and volunteering at events. (Can't commit to 20 hours?  Volunteer at events!  Click here for more information)

  • Volunteers must be able to work independently and as part of a team.

  • No experience necessary.

  • Insurance is required to be considered for a volunteer position. 

  • The state of Alaska understands the intrinsic benefit of humans and animals interacting; dogsled rides, horseback riding, the keeping of farm animals, and etcetera.  In order to encourage these interactions while reducing liability for those who keep livestock and domesticated animals the state of Alaska enacted AS 09.65.145  Please read through this statute before you proceed.  Click here.

  • Adequately dress for the weather and farm environment. Permanent volunteers will receive a volunteer shirt to wear!

  • Follow all policies and procedures of the Musk Ox Farm. 

  • ONLY permanent volunteers will be considered for to assist with animal husbandry tasks.  You MUST be 18+ years old to be considered for assisting with animal husbandry tasks. 

Basic Requirements & Expectations

  • Know that you are helping keep this organization going!  We couldn't do events and programs without you!

  • You are sharing the Musk Ox Farm's mission with the world!

  • Permanent volunteers receive:

    • Volunteer shirt

    • 30% off in gift shop

    • One free day pass to share the farm with a friend or family member

Why Volunteer?

The Musk Ox Farm is a diverse organization with many different needs. Efforts will be made to place volunteers within their areas of interest, however applicants admitted to the program must be willing to assist in areas needed by the Musk Ox Farm. 

Farm Departments

Facilities & Maintenance

The facilities and maintenance department is in charge of keeping the physical farm running. Opportunities within this department include but are not limited to painting and staining projects, fence maintenance, building projects, and more.

Grounds & Gardens

Grounds and gardens help keep the farm looking beautiful!  Put your green thumb to work!  Opportunities include weeding gardens, watering plants, planting flowers in the spring, picking invasive species from pastures, trash pickup, mowing, and more. 

Office Administration

The Office Administration department helps the farm keep going! Volunteer opportunities in the office administration department vary on volunteers interests and background.  Opportunities could include helping with addressing envelopes and keeping the Friends of the Musk Ox membership up to date on the farm's activities, website design, IT work, clerical tasks, professional services, and more.

Education & Fiber Arts

The Education department provides diverse educational opportunities to guests from around the world.  Education is accomplished in many ways, from the gift shop, to fiber arts, to interpretive tours, educational programs, and events.  Opportunities include helping with tours, assisting in the gift shop, assisting in educational programs, events such as concerts, Oxtoberfest, Running with the Bulls, sharing your fiber arts and more. 

Animal Husbandry

The Animal Husbandry department ensures the health and well-being of the musk oxen on the farm always comes first. Opportunities in the Animal Husbandry department are based on experience and volunteers should not expect to work with the musk oxen upon their admittance into the volunteer program. If selected to work with musk oxen, opportunities could include feeding, cleaning pens, herding, and more. These volunteer opportunities could evolve over time to give the volunteer, staff and musk oxen time to get to know one another.

Please note: Volunteers should not expect to work with musk oxen upon their admittance into the volunteer program.

Volunteer at Events

Interested in volunteering at Events?

We could not run events without amazing volunteers!  We are always looking for volunteers for Oxtoberfest, Running with the Bulls, concerts, and more!  

Please contact or call (907)745-4151 for more information. 

Interested in Group Volunteer Opportunities?

Have a school group, family event, or business that would like to give back to the farm?  Contact the farm at for more information.


*Please note group volunteering opportunities will not work closely with animals. 

*Opportunities are available for those under 16, with adult supervision.

Group volunteering
National Park Kids.JPG

Thank you for considering volunteering at the Musk Ox Farm!


Musk Ox Farm 

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