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We recognize that our visitors have a variety of abilities! We love being able to share this special place with the public. That said, we are first and foremost a working farm. We want everyone who visits us to feel they have options to see our herd. Scroll on to learn more about the details of the tour and our facilities.


We are so ox-static to have a newly renovated tour barn, museum and education center! Completed in 2019, our building is ADA accessible. The parking lot is unpaved, however the entrance is accessed from a flat concrete walkway. Restrooms are ADA compliant, and the gift shop and museum are both located on the first floor. The second floor is accessible by stairs or lift, and is used for special programming and events.


Tours are approximately 45 minutes long with an interpretive guide taking visitors through our chutes to see the herd. The chutes are the same pathways between pastures that we use to herd our animals to and from the barn! The chutes are also used by farm equipment such as our tractor, and pick-up trucks. Chutes are relatively flat gravel, soil, and grass. There will be some ruts and unevenness of surfaces.

We have had visitors utilize wheelchairs, walkers, and canes to achieve access to our farm. This does not mean that the farm will be universally accessible to all visitors. The individual ability of the visitor and their assistants will determine ultimate accessibility. Motorized scooters can be a means of conveyance on the property though not a guarantee of access. The Musk Ox Farm does not have wheelchairs or motorized conveyance available to visitors on site. 


We recognize that everyone has different levels of comfort, and may decide that the tour is not accessible based on their needs. We are happy to discuss possible alternatives for your visit with us. Please contact the farm with your questions and concerns!


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