Our absolute number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our animals. As a facility open to the public, The Musk Ox Farm has biosecurity protocols in place for the safety of our musk oxen and visitors. With any large herd, there is an inherent risk for the possibility of zoonotic diseases being passed from people to animals, or animals to people. These protocols have been determined based on the advice of the Alaska State Veterinarian and the CDC.


The current recommendations of the CDC regarding masks does not apply to the safety of our animals. While mask mandates and requirements are being relaxed in some areas and businesses, our organization must consider the safety of our herd as a top priority. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the Alaska State Vet to aid in our pandemic protocols. Thank you for your understanding, and for helping us keep our beautiful musk oxen healthy and happy! 


• Visitors must be with a guide at all times to tour the facility

• All visitors must walk through a foot bath containing a Trifectant broad spectrum disinfectant to kill any bacteria and parasites from being tracked into the chutes that are shared by animals and people.

• Visitors are to have no contact with the animals at any time, including petting or feeding.

• Visitors are not allowed to put hands or arms through the fencing that is in place for the protection of our animals and people. 

• Double fencing of the property keeps the herd secure and helps prevent other wildlife or neighboring livestock from contacting animals and potentially spreading disease. 

• Fencing perimeter checks are performed regularly to ensure security

• Staff is on site seven days/week and consistently monitors the health of each animal. 

• Vaccinations: each animal receives Covexin8, an eight-way vaccination to protect against potential viruses. Additionally, expectant mothers receive ScourGuard4K for protection from e.coli and bovine rotavirus-coronavirus

• All animals receive a dewormer twice/year

• The Musk Ox Farm has an on-call vet to provide next level care of our herd when needed.


The Musk Ox Farm has added COVID-19 safety protocols to our biosecurity and herd health plan:

• Face masks are required for all visitors over the age of 2 inside our buildings, and outside during the tour. Wearing masks outdoors is for the safety of our herd. We are following the recommendation of the Alaska State Vet on this decision. There is an inherent risk that musk oxen are susceptible to COVID-19.

• All visitors are required to sanitize their hands prior to heading out on their tour and walk through the Trifectant foot bath. Hand sanitizer will be provided by the farm.

• Staff will be required to wear face masks and to wash/sanitize hands frequently.

• Surfaces will be cleaned by staff between each tour. 


A captive herd of musk oxen is unlike other captive herds of animals. Our protocols are designed to address the specific and potential threats to musk oxen.  Herd health and security is our number one concern above all else. The introduction of other livestock or zoonotic diseases could be devastating to the herd and all the work accomplished over the past nearly seven decades.

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