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So you've booked your tour - but what should you wear?

Below are some tips for all seasons to have your best experience with us as you visit the herd!


No matter the season, you'll want your feet in footwear that won't make your dogs bark on your 45 minute walking tour. Sandals in summer? No problem - just be ready to dodge the occasional musk ox droppings!


Yes, even in winter! Protect yourself from the Alaskan sun - don't forget to throw on some sunscreen or wear your most fashionable sun hat. While summer is more...sunny, winter can have a mean sun too. When it's up, that is!


Layers are your best friend in Alaska! The geography of our beautiful state means lots of microclimates and unpredictable weather. It can change quickly, so plan your outfit accordingly for comfort in hot summer temps, a chilly breeze, or soggy rain. 

(see below for winter conditions)


Have a fancy camera? Consider coming prepared with a backpack or fanny pack (we hear they're back in style). Backpacks also are great for holding onto any extra layers you want to bring out on the tour. 

Visiting in Winter? Scroll on for our best advice for staying warm and upright in our Alaskan winter!

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It's always good practice to check the weather before your visit. But it's also good to know that Alaska likes to keep us on our toes! Our unique geography of mountains, glaciers and rivers creates a lot of different microclimates. It can be snowing and calm in downtown Palmer, while two miles away here at the farm it's dry and blowing 65mph!

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