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Trebek was born at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington! His caretakers wanted him to live his best life, so he arrived at the Musk Ox Farm to be with Loki, one of our musk oxen the same age. The two have already become fast friends, and Trebek brought his confident, playful personality with him!

Birthdate: 6/7/2020



Acadia may be adorable, but she sure is feisty! She often sneaks up behind farm staff when they are trying to herd her or put hay into her feeder, not realizing her size or the fact that she now has bigger horns. She is the goofiest, most playful musk ox and we wouldn't change a thing about her! 

Birthdate: 4/24/2016

lovely ladies


This young bull has been known to play-fight with older bulls twice his size! That said, he's the sweetest most well-behaved bull in the entire pen! We sure hope he stays that way.


Birthdate: 4/19/2016


handsome chaps


Before Ironman became a steer, he sired three of our best musk oxen, Magnolia, Acadia & Yosemite! He’s calmed down a lot in his later years, becoming a bit more of a refined gentleman (when he’s not engaging in shenanigans, of course.) 

Birthdate: 5/5/2010

golden oldies

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