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Basil is a beautiful, confident guy and is a staff and visitor favorite for photographs. As a big hulking bull, he was very well-behaved and patient with farm staff. Basil fathered two of our herd members: Xenon, his daughter born in 2018 and another lovely girl, Jörd, in 2020. We were thrilled to see that some of his genes have been passed on to our herd! Basil retired from breeding in 2021 and currently is living life with the Muskie Men herd group. He is the dominant male of the group and never needs to prove his status to challengers. It often takes only a look or small head toss toward another musk ox to send them running! Despite his herd status, Basil is great when farm staff are herding him and is usually quite the gentleman toward them.

You can receive oxclusive photos and updates about this herd member throughout the year AND support the farm by joining Friends of the Musk Ox (FOMO). 


Click on the button below to open the adoption form. Both new and renewing FOMO members can use this form.  Our donations are processed through Givebutter, and there will be an opportunity to see if your employer matches donations through Double the Donation.

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