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Eider has been full of life and energy since she was born! Much like her mother, she's extremely food motivated, so it's never been hard to entice her out of her pasture and into the barn for weighing and combing season. Now that she's a bit older, we see a lot of her father in her too! Wild Thyme has a wild streak, and Eider follows in his hoofsteps there! She was the ringleader of her band of trouble-making teenage friends, Osprey and Teal, when they were youngsters. Eider enjoys being the first to challenge the farm truck as it enters her domain when bringing the hay, and farm staff always keeps one eye open on this sassy girl when they're out there with her! If anyone lets their guards down, Eider will take that as her moment to make sure we know she's ready to play challenge at any given moment. Her favorite enrichment item in the pasture is the tire stack! She loves to try and flip the tires off the stack, and if she succeeds she will roll it around the pasture as long as she can! We love this girls playful nature and very curious, social personality!

You can receive oxclusive photos and updates about this herd member throughout the year AND support the farm by joining Friends of the Musk Ox (FOMO). 


Click on the button below to open the adoption form. Both new and renewing FOMO members can use this form.  Our donations are processed through Givebutter, and there will be an opportunity to see if your employer matches donations through Double the Donation.

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