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Escape Artist


Zion! Everybody knows someone like Zion, or maybe you know someone who has a kid like Zion. Zion walks the line. All. The. Time.
On one side, he tries to help Trebek learn how to be a good musk ox, but sorta like your rough uncle who has his share of bad habits. On the other side, he’s just a big hairy BRAT! When it comes to Loki, it’s just a little too much “help.” For EVERY other critter on the farm, home is where the pasture is with no reason to leave. Let’s just say that in Zion’s world, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Belly flopping over a fence or pulling it down with his hooves - he has LOTS of ways to sneak out. We know he isn't trying to bust free to join the carnival; he’s just pushing boundaries for the sole joy of pushing boundaries.

You can receive oxclusive photos and updates about this herd member throughout the year AND support the farm by joining Friends of the Musk Ox (FOMO). 


Click on the button below to open the adoption form. Both new and renewing FOMO members can use this form.  Our donations are processed through Givebutter, and there will be an opportunity to see if your employer matches donations through Double the Donation.

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